Little Bangkok with Pramual

Pramual is originally from Satun, but now, him and his family now live in Bangkok Noi - the old part of Bangkok City where life still goes by a little slower and the scenery can surprisingly give you the sense of how life used to be before city lights and sky-scrappers step in.

Pramual's studio takes up the entire front-outdoor portion of his home and is filled with stacks of paintings and resin sculptures. The inspiration of his work has changed throughout his career of over 20 years. Six years ago, one idea started to solidify into his current concept of portrait paintings.

What makes this concept special is that each portrait will be filled with stories from Pramual's life and what's happening around him. You can find a glimpse of his tradition, his background, or his daughter's stories in each of his paintings.

On this visit, Pramual takes us on a walk along Klong Bang Luang, the area where the way of life is still very local. we stopped for lunch at a noodle shop by the river. After that, we arrived at Wat Khuha Sawan where he draws his inspiration from a hundred-year-old Buddhism mural made with powder-based pain. It is very important to Pramual that this traditional style of painting is upheld and continued. Otherwise, it will likely be lost in the generations to come as fewer artists learn or practice these traditional skills.

Another checkpoint for his inspiration in this area is the Artist's House or Baan Silapin; a hidden gem of traditional Thai Artistry. The house itself is more than 200 years old. When we arrived, Khon was being performed with a delicately-crafted Thai puppet show. The place offers a rustic yet comforting space for artists to present their work and performers to perform Thai Traditional Art. You can also relax at the cafe in the corner while enjoying the local sights along the river.

In Pramual's latest Collection "Face Stories", he chooses to paint children to showcase the ever changing stages of life. Face Stories is a collection of stories that will serve as the foundation to new chapters in life.

View the Entire Collection of Face Stories by Pramual (Click Here)

"Southeast Asia tells a story of Ancient Life and Exotic Environments. The 1st world kid inside of me is fascinated with the 3rd world stories that these Artists have to tell."

Ian Paskon, Founder ASEAN Artists