Birthday Buddhas

Meditating Buddha (Thursday Birthday Buddha), Original Painting by Amalakaa

SONGKHLA, Thailand


Collectors have fun interpreting the meaning of my paintings. I definitely wouldn't say they get bored because when they see my paintings later, a second time, they will interpret a completely different meaning.

I start to paint from realistic ideas first, then I disentangle. My mind is stuck on the realistic picture, as I disentangle, I begin to experience the Raw Emotion left behind.


hua hin, thailand


My subject matter is Buddhism, of course, but I really go deep into Thai peoples beliefs. For example...

Buddhists pray to the 'Buddha of their Birthday', but most Thai people don't understand why. I was inspired to make this the 'Theme of my Collection' to give myself reasons to study all the meanings.


Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand


I grew up watching Shadow Plays as a kid. I thought Shadow Plays were the best kind of entertainment ever! I enjoyed it so much because it was light and funny. There would be characters that imitated people in my village, people I knew.

'How can I give other people a chance to experience this?' So I use vibrant colors that make you feel excitement or the shadow of the night. This kind of impact is what I want to showcase in this Collection of Paintings.


satun, thailand


Inside of the face is where I depict my stories. Everyone has a Background, a Story of Inspiration; whether it's good or bad. Within that story everyone must grow from the inside.

Similar to the teachings of Buddha, we must push ourselves to be happy from the inside. Learn from the good and the bad from within ourselves.


Amphawa, Thailand


When I worked in the movie industry we would make set props. I've sculpted severed heads, castles, and elephants; some of these sets were massive. That is why my paintings are inspired by celebrities and pop-culture.

I feel like Sign Language works well with my style of Artwork. I'm interested in Sign Language because this kind of communication has no boundaries; especially in visual arts like my paintings.


Chumphon, Thailand


I feel deeply connected to my works of art because they're an aspect of my life that I paint with my whole heart.

I always paint with my whole heart because I believe that when I pass on, these works will still remain.

However, if I did not give it my all, I would feel deep regret looking back at it


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