The Story of Cheeztapaul

"My style is very honest and straight forward. The final layer of Sign Language adds more details and tells the story I have in mind." - Cheeztapaul

My name is Cheeztapaul and I'm a professional Painter. I'm from a place called Amphawa, a city that has truly preserved its own culture and traditions in Thailand. This place hasn't changed much since I was a kid. Here we've preserved our trees, rivers, and jungles. Amphawa is well known for our Floating Markets; I consider them the best in Thailand. I love the Amphawa Life and I encourage anyone coming to Thailand to come visit here.


When I start a new painting, I normally don't plan out the whole thing. I start with a reference or special piece of inspiration from my mind but after that I just let it flow. Slang, my latest Collection of Original Paintings uses Sign Language to add more detail into my stories.

"I paint the human form and use sign language to elaborate." - Cheeztapaul

Slang by Cheeztapaul, Collection Now Available!

"Southeast Asia tells a story of Ancient Life and Exotic Environments. The 1st world kid inside of me is fascinated with the 3rd world stories that these Artists have to tell."

Ian Paskon, Founder ASEAN Artists