The Story of Pramual

My passion in life is painting. I've been painting for over 20 years now. My collectors from overseas can't believe my age when I tell them. They say, "you look so young!" Painting keeps you young!

My name is Pramual Thungprue and I'm a professional Painter for ASEAN Artists. A long time ago I started with oil paintings and since then I have always been inspired by Thai culture and the story of society. Now I focus more on acrylic paintings because the style allows me to have more fun with it.

Face Stories by Pramual, Collection Now Available!

Face Stories is my latest collection of original acrylic paintings. Inside of the face is where I depict my stories. I use my imagination and draw from what I can see.

"Everyone has a background of inspiration; whether it be good or bad. Within that story, everyone must grow from the inside first." - Pramual

Grow from your ideas and the way you feel. This is the story everyone has inside of themselves. Similar to the teachings of Buddha: How we must push ourselves to be happy from the inside. Learn from the good and the bad within ourselves.

"Southeast Asia tells a story of Ancient Life and Exotic Environments. The 1st world kid inside of me is fascinated with the 3rd world stories that these Artists have to tell."

Ian Paskon, Founder ASEAN Artists