How can I contact ASEAN Artists?

Website: Contact Us

Chat: Facebook Messenger

Requests concerning orders, please send us an email:

A customer service representative will answer all order associated requests within 24 to 48 hours.

Is my personal information and payment information safe?

ASEAN Artists offers the highest security solutions to protect your personal information. Your credit card and personal details are encrypted during transmission using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which is used on the internet for payments to be processed safely. 

ASEAN Artists implements the following Fraud Protection Policy: Credit Card Payments will be declined in the event of CVV Verification Failure and/or ZIP Code Verification Failure

What type of Artwork does ASEAN Artists sell?

ASEAN Artists sells Original Paintings and Limited Editions created by top new and established artists from Southeast Asia. All Artists are natives and live in Southeast Asian Countries. All works of Art are inspired by Southeast Asian Culture. 

What materials are Limited Editions made from?

Premium canvas fabric stretched upon a 100% hand-made timber frame.

Framed Canvases include a polystyrene material as the outer frame.

All Limited Editions are printed with genuine imported ink from the United States using a State of the Art printer from EPSON.

Limited Edition materials will effectively prevent fading and oxidizing when stored or displayed in the proper settings

Do Limited Editions come 'Ready-to-Hang'?

Yes, Limited Editions are shipped as stretched canvas upon a timber frame ready to hang. Hanging Hardware such as sawtooth brackets are included with all Limited Editions. You may also select the option for "Canvas Only (rolled)" if you wish to frame the canvas yourself.

How do I take care of my Limited Edition?

To clean your Limited Edition, vacuum gently using a soft brush attachment or soft cloth.

NEVER apply cleaning solutions or water as this may cause the paint or color to run or fade. Do not rub the surface vigorously. Do not hang outdoors or in areas of high humidity, direct sunlight or extreme temperature fluctuations. Limited Editions will expand and contract in extreme temperature fluctuations.

If you are moving your pieces of Art, make sure you always wrap them adequately with bubble wrap. Do not stack Limited Editions on top of each other unless they are safely wrapped. Remember your pieces of Art are fragile items.

Treat your pieces of Art like Fine Art is suppose to be treated!.