Pattaya to Hua Hin By Boat

A wonderful perk of working with artists from all over Thailand is that we get to travel via various modes of transportation to see them! Today, we are going to meet up with our artist Amalakaa in Hua Hin. We choose to travel in style by The Royal Ferry from Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya. It is remarkable how much time we can save by traveling by boat compared to driving! About 4 Hours!

We chomp on a big lunch after the Ferry arrives in Hua Hin, check into the hotel, rent a car and drove to pick up Amalakaa at her house. She takes us to Khao Takieb and we visit Khao Takieb Temple, where her inspiration for "Birthday Buddhas" comes from.

Khao Takieb (Chopstick Mountain) is inhabited by monkeys, we buy them some corn and try to feed them with both excitement and fear as the monkeys tend to get very aggressive and will steal food from you if you are not careful, what an experience!

After our fun tour with the monkeys and the temples, we sit down together at Amalakaa's Studio in Cicada Market. We talk more about her inspiration "Birthday Buddhas" and she explains to us that the reason why she chooses to do this collection is to fulfill her knowledge in Buddhist Studies.

Birthday Buddhas is the representation of Major events in Buddha's life, depicted into 7 days of the week which you can only find in Thailand.

Later in the evening, we take Amalakaa out for dinner by the beach at Putahracsa and have a wonderful time talking about the plan for her collection "Birthday Buddhas".

View Amalakaa's Latest Collection "Birthday Buddhas" (Click Here)

"Southeast Asia tells a story of Ancient Life and Exotic Environments. The 1st world kid inside of me is fascinated with the 3rd world stories that these Artists have to tell."

Ian Paskon, Founder ASEAN Artists