The Story of Saroj

"The one thing that got my attention the most as a child was Shadow Plays. I thought it was the best kind of entertainment ever!" - Saroj

I enjoyed it so much because it is light and funny. There are characters who imitate people in the village and they would tell folklores and different tales. As a child, listening to tales were my favorite thing, so I kept watching I kept listening countless of times because it was so enjoyable. No matter which group of shadow play artists were performing, I enjoyed them all. When they performed in front of the crowd I would laugh along with their jokes it was so much fun.


Shadow Plays by Saroj, Collection Now Available!

So when I was an art student I started thinking about things I like to do things that impresses me and I thought about shadow play and how I should give other people a chance to experience them too. Experience the use of color which make you feel the fun or the shadow of the night. These impressions are the things I want to showcase into my paintings, especially in this collection.


My name is Saroj and I'm an artist; a painter. My hometown is in South of Thailand in a place called Nakhon Si Thammarat. I’m most familiar with local artistry like shadow plays and my inspiration comes from the amount of time I spent watching these local arts being performed as a kid.

"Art comes in many shapes and forms and I choose to paint because it translates what I have in my mind most precisely." - Saroj

I like to use acrylic paint because it is convenient and easy to use. It also translates well with what I want to see in my artwork. Acrylic paint just works for me. Sometimes I like to switch things up when it better reflects my inspiration to my artwork, like changing flavors in food, I will use oil paint. However for this collection of artworks, Shadow Plays, I use acrylic paint for the most part. 

View the entire collection of Shadow Plays, Original Paintings by Saroj here!

"Southeast Asia tells a story of Ancient Life and Exotic Environments. The 1st world kid inside of me is fascinated with the 3rd world stories that these Artists have to tell."

Ian Paskon, Founder ASEAN Artists