Slang | The Inspiration

What does the word "Slang" mean to you? For me, slang constantly changes its meanings with time. One day it means one thing, the next day the word becomes something different.

In this collection called Slang, I am playing with words, language, compositions and colors because what you see may not be what is intended.

In each painting, I have put an element of slang words, "high-key" and "low-key" in a form of sign language. Some are more subtle than others in demonstrating how we faintly think of slang. For women portraits, I only put the word "key" so as to not evoke any possible discrimination or negative outputs. 

In Slang VII I am inspired to toy with an idea of social construct and releasing of social oppression of women of color. A veil of flowers are burned through and she shines bright even with the lack in monochromatic color scheme.African-American-Woman-PaintingThe technique I use for this collection is called Stencil, so there is no sketching involved but a lot more planning and composition. Color theme is black and white which represents the fundamental skills of drawing. 

These faces are inspired by famous people or what I find and feel gravitate towards. Since there is only black, white and shading, I used my painting experience to create textures and feelings to communicate with the audience. Some might think the paintings are not complete, but I'm satisfied as an artist and I'm happy with the way they translate.

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"Southeast Asia tells a story of Ancient Life and Exotic Environments. The 1st world kid inside of me is fascinated with the 3rd world stories that these Artists have to tell."

Ian Paskon, Founder ASEAN Artists